Jim,drumming up some enthusiasm for Appreciative Inquiry at his workshop for 4H leaders.
Red Deer, AB  January 15th, 2011
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Helping organizations and groups become the best they can be
"If you want to get the best out of a man, you must look for the best that is in him."  Bernard Haldane

"Speak the affirmative; emphasize your choice by utterly ignoring all that you reject."  Ralph Waldo Emerson
Comments from Other Participants in our "Greater Profitability ..." Workshops

"I can enthusiastically recommend Jim Taylor’s “Greater Profitability…” workshop. The content is so positive and valuable, and makes such good sense that I will be encouraging my associates to attend future workshops. I also plan to use the Appreciative Inquiry approach to improve my own business." Gord Tulk, Owner, Slate Insurance Services

"This is good stuff.  You can take what you learn in the workshop and apply it in your organization right away.” Tim Creedon, Executive Director, Red Deer Chamber of Commerce

"This workshop can be of use to anyone looking to have more positive outcomes with relation to projects and events.
It brings out a more positive outlook on everyday things and was overall, a fantastic experience. Thank you."

"Your facilitation skills helped move the session along while ensuring that all of the components were understood and participated in. Thank you."

"In a world of stress and time management, Appreciative Inquiry systems can minimize our daily problems."

"This is a well thought out, professionaly presented workshop that focuses on achieving results."
Here is what some participants of our Appreciative Inquiry workshops have said about the workshops and "AI" as a methodology.

I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from working with you, and would recommend your AI workshop and consulting approach to any company committed to addressing its culture in order to move from being good to being great. Mark L. Burggren , President, Alberta Manufacturing Solutions Inc. and Former Executive Director, Central Alberta Rural Manufacturers’ Association

I had the privilege of attending Jim Taylor’s training session Appreciative Inquiry in June of 2014.  Myself as the HR Manager for the City of Lacombe and a colleague attended the one day session.  Jim is an excellent presenter and coach and you can feel his passion for his work with Appreciative Inquiry.  Both of us finished the day, genuinely appreciating each other and our employer in an expanded way.  We agreed this course and learning should be mandatory for all City Staff.  Unfortunately I am retiring and therefore am unable to champion this training with our employees. I am hopeful the new HR Manager has an opportunity to attend one of Jim's Trainings and will bring Appreciative Inquiry to the City. I would highly recommend anyone to take the course and palpably experience the positive shift in energy and enthusiasm. Thank-you Jim for introducing me to this training. Bert Assen HR Manager City of Lacombe.

Here is the PowerPoint Presentation for Our Most Popular Workshops
An Important cautionary note for people
considering purchasing coaching packages

For several years I have followed various "business coaches" who offer different coaching packages. I have found some coaches quite ethical and others who are just "out to get the sale," using lots of flattery on their prospective clients to get them to sign up for expensive coaching packages. On a recent post, Tad Hargrave, one of the ethical coaches, (of www.marketingforhippies.com) included a great article called "Don't Buy Now" from another ethical coach, Mark Silver (of www.heartofbusiness.com).

I urge: don't buy a coaching package until you have read this article, and also, Mark's blog post found at: https://www.heartofbusiness.com/2010/selling-into-crowd/