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Jim Taylor
You are most welcome to reproduce and use any of the materials which I have developed and  published on this site. A complete set of links appears below.

No request for permission to use is required, though I would be very pleased to know how you use the materials and receive your feedback on them.

I also ask that if you use my materials, you reproduce the pages completely, with my contact information on them.

Free Documents
created by Jim Taylor

Ain't It Awful/What I Really Want - this is a powerful tool for helping to rechannel negative energy towards finding solutions in groups experiencing conflict.

Getting Started With Appreciative Inquiry - this will give you a way to get a taste of Appreciative Inquiry and what the process feels like.

An Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry - this is the handout I use in my half day and full day workshops on AI.

Using Appreciative Inquiry to Improve Your Organization - This is a handout I use for groups that are familiar with the AI process. Its focus is on writing AI interview guides.

Here is my Powerpoint presentation for my Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry session at the 2009 Vitalize Provincial Conference.

Here is my Powerpoint presentation for my Using Appreciative Inquiry to Improve Your Organization session for Vitalize.

(This page still under construction - more links and documents to come.)

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