Re: Appreciative Inquiry Workshops

Was very positive - gave great ideas on the images you send out and what you receive back.

This workshop is a wonderful fresh approach to dealing with everyday challenges in a positive way.

Excellent way to frame organizational problems and issues to move forward with change process in an innovative and responsible fashion.

You are a wonderful speaker - inspirational. Thank you.

It will help me in my workplace - how I work with my staff & board. I have not heard of Appreciative Inquiry before this workshop. I like how it has challenged my thinking & put a positive spin on how I look at my work, staff and the services we provide.

Great intro. Now just need/want more. Liked the links to other disciplines psychology, medicine etc.

Very informative. Nice to have a new approach.

Great use of handouts, instruction & group involvement. We do need to focus on the positive to release the potential energy of all persons in our organization. Negativism shuts people down.

More Testimonials (pdf file)

Re: Conflict Resolution Workshops

Very good material. The instructor was very friendly, very good.


Excellent course!! Has helped me greatly to understand myself first, others second & this is what I needed most. Thanks.

1. Goal setting in conflict situations - what a novel idea. This really helps me. 2. Realized that some of what I'm doing is OK; some I need to work on. 3. I feel your workshop was excellent. Thank you.

Offered different perceptions and provided opportunity for self-observation. Thank you!

The instructor was excellent in initiating class participation; good useful handouts.

I enjoyed the course and will find it helpful in the workplace. I will continue to use concepts learned.

Jim encouraged a great deal of participation which made time fly as well as made it more enjoyable and beneficial.

I really enjoyed it, Jim. Thanks. I think the mediation part and the BATNA will be really helpful to me personally as well as professionally.

You met all of my (learning) needs. It was non-threatening, thought provoking and useful.

Re: Creative Thinking/Opportunity Search Workshops

Broadened my creative horizon. Avariety of material that kept the class interesting. Very interesting.

Would recommend to many employees.

His understanding of the concepts and practice of skills is valuable. Feel challenged to make use of the course material - really feel this is an area that will benefit myself and the organization.
Lots of opportunity to practice new concepts.

Gave me tools to motivate others with group participation on making changes or exploring new ideas when others are reluctant, unwilling or complacent. I have never participated in a course where the entire group had so much enthusiasm and equal input, with unboring content and no dull moments. Jim did an excellent  job and adapted to group needs extremely well.

More Testimonials (pdf file)
Helping organizations and groups become the best they can be
Re Consultation Services

Jim Taylor's Appreciative Inquiry techniques have helped Red Deer Public Library and its Board build on everything that's positive about our organization. We are taking a high performing organization, and putting it in over-drive.

Dean Frey, Director
Red Deer Public Library
Oct. 4th, 2007

Over the last eight years I have had several occasions to see Jim Taylor’s work and I have hired him repeatedly to do work for my department. In fact, as I write this, I have just engaged him to lead us through a staff development exercise.
I have always been impressed with the quality of Jim's work. Of particular note is the skillful way he set up and managed a community meeting to resolve a “hot button” issue. There were two polarized opposing camps going into the meeting, but by the time we got to the critical question, which he saved for last, there was a community consensus on the answer.

Marlene Curtis, Director
Community and Social Development
Town of Sylvan Lake
October 1, 2007

Jim, I  am  so  grateful  for all  that you have done and continue to do for me and my organisation.We promise that we are going to replicate AI to our client and you will be glad to receive positive result from us.

Gifty Baaba Asmah, Executive Director
Daasgift Quality Foundation
Takoradi, Ghana
Sept. 22, 2007

Thank you, Jim, for the great job you did of mediating our landlord tenant dispute this morning. You achieved a better outcome than any of us thought was possible going into the meeting.

Twila Harris-Olsen, Program Coordinator
Employment Placement & Support Services
Red Deer, AB
November 3rd, 2006

Jim Taylor lead our non-profit housing organization through a strategic planning process.  His persistent and perceptive questions allowed us to clarify directions of which we were only barely aware,  and gave us permission to move towards new partnerships in service delivery.

Paul DuVal, Chair
Residential Society of Red Deer
March 16th, 2005

The BARS system had a definite impact on junior staff, and even with our longer term employees, we found that it produced lots more feedback and discussion in the interviews. The value to both the firm and the staff is that we are all much clearer about our wants and expectations. We have significantly clarified our thinking about the kinds of technical proficiency we want from staff, and feel that the BARS process did a much better job of addressing the “soft skills” areas than our previous evaluation methods.

Rose Marie Monea, Partner
Heywood Holmes & Partners LLP
Red Deer, Alberta
June 2004
This session was the best I have attended at this conference! Jim did an outstanding job of compressing his topic to the time allowed and succeeded in wetting my appetite for more. Thank you.!

Bring Jim Taylor back again he was great!

Both from Vitalize Provincial Conference for Volunteers